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Frequently Asked Questions


I try to anticipate questions you might have about my services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to



How much do you charge?

Like most things, I charge based on how long the project will take me. Typically I get the details of your project, including the intended audience, the message, the word count, etc., and give you a custom quote.

I can also set up an hourly rate per week or month which is $75/hour for the hours you think you need. For example, if you hire me to do blog content for you each week, you can hire me for 1 hour a week for 4 weeks and I will produce blog content during those hours. 

Some projects have easy-to-quote pricing. See my rates page for these types of projects.


How do I get my copy?

Once we have agreed upon the type of project, the details, and the deadline, I will get to work. Once completed, I will email you a draft in a Word, Google Docs or Pages document. For web content, if I use sources or keywords, I will list them for you in the document.



How do we handle revisions? 

Sometimes you don't know what you want until you see what you don't. I understand this. Everyone has changes or can change their mind about a project after it is started. That is not a problem.

My general rule of thumb is that if the revisions are in the scope of the original project, I will do them as part of the original agreement. If the concept changes or the changes require an entire rewrite, then we will need to renegotiate.


How quickly can you get me copy?

Ahhh, yes. The quick turnaround time question. I will usually require at least a 48 hour turnaround for projects. There are times, however, when my workload can accommodate a quicker deadline. Likewise, there are time when I may require more time. We will discuss the delivery time during the quoting process. Last-minute turnaround times may be subject to a rush charge.

Revisions will be returned within 48 hours of receipt via email.


What method of payment do you accept?

I will accept Paypal transfers or checks. If you are acquainted with Elance, we can use their escrow system. For new clients, I may require 50% payment up front until we establish terms.