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Terri Lively
Freelance Writer
Lively copy starts with Lively Copywriting

Pricing for Standard Projects and Services

2017 Copywriting Rates


Blogging and Web Content

Prices include:

  • Brainstorming custom topics
  • Research of at least two sources
  • Research SEO keywords using Google's Keyword tool
  • Triple-proofed for grammar, spelling and typos

Articles or pages up to 300 words $75

Articles or pages up to 500-750 words $100

Articles or pages up to 750-1000 words $125

Articles or pages 1000+ [Custom quoted]


Ad $75

Poster $50

Direct Mail or Email Projects $150


  • 2-Panel $150
  • 3-Panel $195
  • Each additional panel $55


Annual Reports: [Custom Quoted]


Radio/TV Spots


Concept Ideas (3): $75

:30 Radio $125

:60 Radio $150

:30 TV $150

:60 TV $175

:15 On-Hold Message $50


Miscellaneous Projects:

Editing, proofing client’s copy: Hourly Rate $75/hr

Royalty Free Image for Online Use             $15 each

Posting On Your Site or Blog $25 each post

Press Releases                                           [Custom Quoted]

White Paper [Custom Quoted]

Ebooks [Custom Quoted]

Phone Interviews:               $75 per interview

Social Media Content Research quoted:           $75 /hr

All projects are Triple-Proofed:

Typos make me crazy and I bet they make you crazy, too. While I cannot guarantee there will never be a typo in the copy I give you, I can tell you my system is a triple proof system that catches nearly everything.